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Pricing and Deals
Shown below are the standard rates for studio units in River Mountain Lodge. Remember that W207 is a Gold rated unit and therefore the best value in the lodge. You can sometimes get better pricing by contacting the owners directly. Please see the contact us page.

Early and Late Seasons    11/15/02 - 12/12/02 and 04/07/03 - 04/27/03

Peak Season                           12/13/02 - 12/19/02 and 02/14/03 - 04/06/03

Holiday Season                     12/20/02 - 01/05/03

Regular Season                     01/06/03 - 02/13/03

If the unit has not rented 2 weeks prior to your intended use, contact the owners
and we will give you a great deal! This really works well for those in the Denver area that would rather stay a night
than fight the traffic. Typically there is high availability in November when the
powder is the lightest (and it lasts longer.)

For current pricing on other units, please visit the Resort Quest web site. Pick River Mountain Lodge and
then click on GO.  This page is long, so scroll down for the pricing sheet.