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Vacation Trading
Do you have a vacation property?
......a second home?
......a timeshare?
......a houseboat?

Would you like to spend some time in Breckenridge for free?

E-mail us and we will see if we can work out an exchange!!!

We like to go to the ocean for snorkeling or body surfing. We have a ski boat and like to spend time at lakes within a 12 hour drive to Denver.

We like to spend weekend retreats in Colorado and Wyoming.

We like Lake Powell.

We like the Caribbean.

We like Europe.

We like skiing in powder - especially Fernie!

When you swap with us, we pick up the tab for the maid service - so you can relax on your vacation.

If you would like to discuss swapping accommodations, please contact us.

For more info about trading, visit  Our listing is 15706

Another  good site is