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Thank you for placing an order with Psolar. Please allow 2 business days for shipping from our facilities.  For personal service, please call our order line Toll Free at 888-PSOLARX (888-776-5279) From this page, you may order the Psolar EX, BX, HX, CX, OLX, LX, or Vapor Shield.

Your credit card will not be billed until the item ships.

Psolar EX Facemask

Psolar BX Balaclava

Psolar HX Helmet Balaclava

Psolar CX - Camoflauge Facemask and Balaclava

Psolar OLX Facemask Featuring Outlast Technology

Psolar LX Lightweight Facemask

Psolar Vapor Shield Antifog Device