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Breckenridge is the best ski resort in Colorado!  It has the most  variety of skiing.  You can ski beginner to expert, steep and deep to terrain parks, big moguls to smooth cruisers.  Breckenridge has it all! Below are a few insights from a Colorado Native that spends 30 days a year as a Breck tourist.

In the summer, we like to play the Jack Nicklaus designed golf course or ride the alpine slides. For a thrill we ride the lift and mountain bike down or take your bike through the hundreds of miles of trails and roads in the local National Forests. The base of peak 8 has an activity center with miniature golf and a human maze. This is cool for about a week, then it gets old. Climb a fourteener or hike to a timberline pond in the pursuit of the Brookie and cutthroat trout. These activities never get old. Regardless of the summer activities you choose, you can be assured they will happen under blue skies in the crisp, clean Rocky Mountain  air.

I think the reason I like Breck so much is that the first time I visited, I was with a church group. When everyone is having an outstanding time, it leaves a lasting impression. There is variety in both the skiing and the town. If you want only powder, go to Fernie, If you want only vertical, go to Jackson Hole. If you want only blue cruisers, go to Keystone (and stay in Breck.) If you want only bowls, go to Vail. If you want only moguls, go to Mary Jane. Breck has four peaks, so if you have a group or family (or if you like variety) go to Breck and get some of the best powder, vertical, cruisers, bowls, and moguls in the world. While you are having a great time, your kids or beginner friends can enjoy a half peak of flat runs.

I have spent a few years near the powder of Canada. We have even been on a heliskiing trip with CMH. I have become a powder hound. My time skiing is dedicated to finding powder. You can find powder at Breck anytime... even weeks after a snow storm - if you know where to look. The locals would lynch me old west style if I posted the secrets on the web. I will tell you that it is there,. though you might have to look harder if it has been a while since a good dump. me from my condo. If you check out on the caller ID, I will tell you where to find it. If you can't find it on the next day, I will come up and show it to you the following day. If I can't find powder, I will give you a free weekend next year. You just can't get that kind of service and commitment through the big reservation services! You need to be a good skier willing to walk 300 yards. Don't worry. Most of the time intermediate skiers can find it with 100 yards or less hike. The number one powder killer is High speed quads. These demons can kill a thousand acres of powder in 10 minutes! You can get above these on the peak 8 T-bar or the A chair or chair 6.

Breckenridge Web Cams
Are you jonesing for the slopes right now? This will not help in the long run, but you might get some instant gratification by looking at the Breckenridge web cams. You can cruise this site to compare to other web cams from other areas. You will then have to agree that Breck is the place to be!

Nothing compares to the historic mining town. We have our favorite restaurants and I will be glad to talk with you about them, but honestly we had too much fun discovering them. We don't want to ruin that experience for some of you. There are links below that can eventually get you to them. Theresa loves dogs and wants to become a veterinarian. She went dogsledding and fell in love with the sport. For outstanding snowmobiling and dogsledding, click here

We are always looking for a bargain. This one is easy. To pre-purchase lift tickets for a $4.00 per day savings, click here

Breckenridge always has something going on. It is a true four-season resort. To find out about events when you plan on visiting, click here. Do not miss the world class snow  sculptures. They sometimes last over 3 weeks after the event!

Misc. Breck
I have found a cool web site (from a realtor) that shows some of the character of the town. Click here

To find out more, visit the Breckenridge web site by clicking here.